Alex Caviglia Award

The Alex Caviglia Sportsmanship Scholarship award was established in memory of Alex Caviglia, co-founder and former treasurer of Miami Premier Soccer Club. It will grant the recipient a check in the amount of $1,500 to help with college expenses.

The Alex Caviglia Sportsmanship Scholarship is to be awarded to a talented young female athlete from the South Miami Community or a member of the Graduating MPS class of each year, by merit of recommendation from her coaches and evaluation by a committee formed of MPS club alumnae parents and directors. The attributes taken into consideration when coming up with finalists are qualities such as: displaying an outstanding attitude, unselfishness at practice and games, putting the success and well-being of the team before oneself, and last but not least: making a positive contribution to the local community.

For consideration purposes and in order to be evaluated as possible winner for this award, we request that the candidate forward a letter of recommendation from her Coach, as well as one from her School representatives (teacher or counselor). Additionally, we kindly request that she prepare an essay that explains how she has benefited from her experiences in organized competitive sports and how it has improved her as a person.

The recommendation letters and her essay will be reviewed by a committee formed of alumnae parents and Mrs. Silvia Caviglia, our President Emeritus

Upon review by this board, the chosen recipient will receive a $1,500 check to help with college expenses.

Past Recipients

2018: Chapman Partnership for the Homeless

2015: Voices for Children

2014: Southwood Middle School Band

2013: Caitlyn Duncan

2012: Kelli Griffiths

2011: Junior Diabetes Research Foundation

2010: The Haitian U17 Women’s National Soccer Team

2009: Colonial Drive Elementary School PTA

2008: Lian Pino

2007: Jasibe Cure-Twede

2006: Christina Coy

2005: Andrea Lopez