Fitness & Conditioning

Coach: Natasha L. Fairweather
(U-10 to U-18)

Natasha has been a certified personal trainer for the
past 10 years with extensive fitness and nutrition
experience and holds numerous certifications through
AFFA in various aspects of fitness.


Fitness Certifications

  • Sports-specific training (trained with Chris Carter)
  • Group fitness training for both adults and children (agility, plyometrics, speed, and core training)
  • YIndoor cycling
  • Personal training
  • Kickboxing
  • Step aerobics
  • Power Plate
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Military-style training
  • CPR and First Responder certified with the American Red Cross


Background Information

She has worked with both male and female professional athletes, sports-specific athletes (college and high school level), and adolescents, as well as expectant mothers. She also has experience training individuals with various medical conditions. No matter what your situation or objective, she will work passionately toward the achievement of your goals.


Fitness Certifications

  • Train athletes in speed, agility, plyometrics, and core using various exercises and equipment to improve sports performance
  • Educate athletes in nutrition and emphasize implementing healthy eating habits
  • Maintain a record of progress including body fat percentage and weight
  • Hold meetings with athletes and parents to discuss nutrition, expectations, objectives, and progress